The Designer

Ever since she was a child, Paola D'Onofrio was fascinated by fashion designs and precious textiles. She was not interested in the typical games of the age but thanks to her mother Mary, a haute couture seamstress, she immediately understood what she wanted to become.

Following in the footsteps of her mother, teacher and inspiring muse, she began working in the world of haute couture. She creates dresses with the best textiles and tecniques. She is not pleased with the luxury but she is always looking for uniqueness.

At 30, her name is already recognized all over the world. Her wedding dresses represented femininity, charm and sensuality. The first necklines, the shimmering textiles, the exasperation of the volumes and the richness of the materials were reminiscent of those of fairy tale princesses.

The creations were avant-garde, totally revolutionary for the 80s. The wedding dress was much more chaste and monastic until then.

The success in the world of luxury, in the bridal sector continues to grow until 1990, when partecipating at “Sposaitalia” in Milan, a meeting place for major international buyers.

Paola D'Onofrio’s brand also take the covers of Vogue. In 1997 she made her debut in Roman haute couture with Marta Marzotto as the testimonial of her creations.

Today Paola D'Onofrio is always sorrounded in her creativity, ready to create unique dresses. She takes care of every detail, enhancing Italian excellence, which is still recognized all over the world.

"If I had to describe the characteristics that represent my collections, this dress embodies them perfectly"

Paola D'Onofrio

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