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In the historic Roman district of Trastevere, you will find the prestigious Atelier of Paola D'Onofrio: a place with an enchanted atmosphere, where you can wear wonderful wedding dresses entirely custom-made by an authentic traditional Italian Couture founded in 1978 and still considered an excellence in the sector today.

Preciousness, uniqueness and elegance are the elements that have always characterized the collections signed by Paola D`Onofrio. Your wedding dress will be realized in the most detailed way, from the screen printing mesh to the study of the embroidery, until you have obtained a unique and exclusive dress.

Thanks to our fine tailoring, you will have the opportunity to see your desires "tailor-made" and you will directly witness the materialization of the dress of your dreams.

La collezione Cerimonia la puoi trovare in esclusiva nel nostro Punto Vendita in Via dei Gozzadini 42a
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